Inspec keywords: power generation reliability; power generation control; EMTP; resistors; time-domain analysis; power system interconnection; wind turbines; wind power plants; HVDC power transmission; power generation faults; power grids; choppers (circuits); HVDC power convertors

Other keywords: communication delays; FRT capability; communication link; voltage source converter; electromagnetic transient type model; chopper resistors; communication system latency; expected FRT response; de-loading control strategy; power imbalance handling; offshore wind turbine; grid code requirements; time-domain simulations; communication-based fault ride-through scheme; linearised small-signal model; interconnection ends; high-voltage DC links; onshore grid fault; VSC-HVDC system; offshore wind farm; DC chopper

Subjects: Resistors; Reliability; Wind power plants; Power convertors and power supplies to apparatus; Power system management, operation and economics; d.c. transmission; Control of electric power systems