Inspec keywords: semiconductor quantum wells; III-V semiconductors; annealing; photoluminescence; laser cavity resonators; laser beams; gallium arsenide; optical losses; quantum well lasers

Other keywords: conventional cavity length analysis; QW active region; parameter extraction; post-growth thermal annealing; double-QW devices; internal differential quantum efficiency; annealing time; GaAs0.965Bi0.035-GaAs0.75P0.25; modal material gain; internal loss; photoluminescence intensity; single-quantum well laser diodes; internal device parameters; single-QW devices

Subjects: Semiconductor lasers; Laser resonators and cavities; Laser resonators and cavities; Photoluminescence in II-VI and III-V semiconductors; Design of specific laser systems; Lasing action in semiconductors; Other heat and thermomechanical treatments; Laser beam characteristics and interactions; Annealing processes in semiconductor technology; Laser beam interactions and properties