Inspec keywords: indoor environment; gradient methods; neurocontrollers; HVAC; wireless sensor networks; energy conservation; intelligent control; particle swarm optimisation; building management systems; ergonomics; quadratic programming

Other keywords: hybrid particle swarm optimisation; indoor environment; comfortable environment; predicted mean vote-based set points; building energy control system; heating-ventilation-air conditioning; random neural network smart controller; wireless sensor nodes; RNN-based controller; experimental testing; model predictive controllers; sequential quadratic programming training algorithms; energy usage analysis; gradient descent algorithm; artificial neural networks; single zone test chamber; thermal comfort mode; energy usage monitoring; occupancy estimation; environmental conditions; HVAC duct

Subjects: Space heating; Control of heat systems; Interpolation and function approximation (numerical analysis); Air conditioning; Wireless sensor networks; Optimisation techniques; Fuzzy control; Control engineering computing; Automated buildings; Neurocontrol; Interpolation and function approximation (numerical analysis); Optimisation techniques