Inspec keywords: molecular biophysics; molecular configurations; cellular automata; biology computing; proteins; biomolecular electronics; fault tolerance; logic circuits; cellular biophysics

Other keywords: intracellular signalling events; half binary subtractors; actin quantum cellular automata; binary subtractor; binary bits; reliability; Simulink; actin filaments; nanoscale biomolecular networks; design approaches; full binary subtractors; optimised results; circuit size; cellular structure; unconventional computing; logic subtractor circuits; fault-tolerance check; biological protein; logic design; circuit efficiency; cost-effective biomolecular networks; single automata block; cytoskeletal signalling events

Subjects: Macromolecular configuration (bonds, dimensions); Biomolecular electronics; Biomolecular structure, configuration, conformation, and active sites; Biology and medical computing; Logic and switching circuits; Automata theory; Logic circuits; Physics of subcellular structures