Inspec keywords: high electron mobility transistors; wideband amplifiers; frequency multipliers; UHF power amplifiers; gallium compounds; wide band gap semiconductors; III-V semiconductors

Other keywords: efficiency 60.04 percent to 70.96 percent; frequency 1.0 GHz to 1.9 GHz; GaN; injected harmonic signal; gallium nitride high-electron-mobility transistor; adjacent channel power ratio; continuous class B/J mode; active harmonic injection; frequency doubler; current generator reference plane; single radio frequency input; power 15.0 W; power 10.0 W; digital predistortion; broadband continuous mode power amplifier; on-board harmonic injection; frequency 900.0 MHz; long-term evolution; frequency 20.0 MHz

Subjects: Other field effect devices; Convertors; Microwave integrated circuits; Amplifiers