Inspec keywords: predictive control; gradient methods; energy conservation; dynamic programming; drives; velocity control; electric vehicles; trajectory control; vehicle dynamics; road vehicles

Other keywords: intelligent four-wheel-drive electric vehicle; road slope information; distance-discrete model; vehicle speed control; fast gradient method based control tool; GARMPC tool; energy saving; time-horizon based MPC method; optimisation algorithm; DP control method; intelligent 4WD electric vehicle; time-based MPC; fast velocity trajectory planning algorithm; model predictive control method; time-discrete model; distance horizon; calculation load reduction; longitudinal dynamics model; fast velocity trajectory control algorithm; dynamic program control method

Subjects: Optimisation techniques; Transportation; Spatial variables control; Vehicle mechanics; Optimal control; Control technology and theory; Mechanical drives and transmissions; Interpolation and function approximation (numerical analysis); Interpolation and function approximation (numerical analysis); Optimisation techniques; Optimisation; Road-traffic system control; Velocity, acceleration and rotation control; Numerical analysis