Inspec keywords: vibration control; robust control; dynamic programming; control system synthesis; electric vehicles; machine control; traction motor drives; synchronisation; angular velocity control; power transmission (mechanical); torque control; energy conservation

Other keywords: driving cycles; robust shift process control; torque control; electric powertrain; optimal shift schedule; two-speed transmission; motor size reduction; driveline oscillation; robust speed controller; electric vehicles; dynamic programming methods; anti jerking robust controller; robust shifting control; vibration attenuation; directly coupled traction motor; motor-transmission integrated system; electric drive system; speed control; unsatisfied speed regulation; speed synchronisation capability; energy-saving shift schedule; control hierarchy; energy efficiency improvement

Subjects: Control system analysis and synthesis methods; Control of electric power systems; Stability in control theory; Transportation system control; Mechanical drives and transmissions; Energy conservation; Mechanical variables control; Optimisation techniques; Drives; Transportation; Optimisation techniques; a.c. machines; Control technology and theory; Vibrations and shock waves (mechanical engineering); Optimisation