Inspec keywords: cancer; image segmentation; partial differential equations; skin; set theory; object detection; medical image processing

Other keywords: local region information; evolution equation; complex background; constant initialisation scheme; level set function smoothness; PH2 database; object boundary; iteration method; disease diagnosis; edge term; skin lesion segmentation; partial differential equation; energy formulation; PDE; medical image; image segmentation; global image information; object detection; regularisation term; active contour methods; adaptive active contours; local image information; variable kernel

Subjects: Mathematical analysis; Mathematical analysis; Algebra, set theory, and graph theory; Medical and biomedical uses of fields, radiations, and radioactivity; health physics; Optical, image and video signal processing; Combinatorial mathematics; Computer vision and image processing techniques; Combinatorial mathematics; Biomedical measurement and imaging; Biology and medical computing; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation