Inspec keywords: distributed power generation; reactive power control; load flow control; battery storage plants; maximum power point trackers; power conversion harmonics; power supply quality; power generation control; phase locked loops; power harmonic filters; photovoltaic power systems; solar power stations; voltage-source convertors

Other keywords: power generation reduction; solar maximum power point tracking; power quality improvement; reactive power compensation; LPPT control; battery state-of-charge; load balancing; harmonics mitigation; solar PV array; battery SOC; fast dynamic response; distributed energy resources; VSC control algorithm; solar MPPT control; improved generalised enhanced phase locked loop control algorithm; low steady-state error; active power flow regulation; PV array characteristic; voltage source operating region; improved generalised filter algorithm; voltage source converter control; distributed generation system; coordinated control; battery protection control; limited power point tracking; high impulsive noise; DC-offset component

Subjects: Solar power stations and photovoltaic power systems; Distributed power generation; Control of electric power systems; Power system control; Other power apparatus and electric machines; Other power stations and plants; Power and energy control; Power supply quality and harmonics