Inspec keywords: nuclear power stations; power supply quality; power system interconnection; thermal power stations; hydrothermal power systems; frequency control; intelligent control; load regulation; power generation control; optimisation; sensitivity analysis

Other keywords: loading condition; two-area interconnected thermal-hydro-nuclear generating units; integral-tilt-derivative controller; boiler dynamics; performance evaluation; I-TD controller; tilt-integral-derivative controllers; dynamic responses; transient response; scheduled tie-line power deviation; generation rate constraints; heuristic optimisation technique; load frequency control; governor dead band; sensitivity analysis; intelligent control mechanism; LFC; electrical power quality; WCA; system parameters; water cycle algorithm; interconnected power system; proportional-integral-derivative controllers

Subjects: Optimisation techniques; Optimisation techniques; Control of electric power systems; Frequency control; Power system management, operation and economics; Hydroelectric power stations and plants; Power supply quality and harmonics; Thermal power stations and plants; Power system control; Nuclear power stations and plants