Inspec keywords: power system restoration; sensitivity analysis; power generation protection; power generation control; frequency stability; load regulation; wind power plants; frequency control; power system security; relay protection; load shedding; photovoltaic power systems; three-term control; distributed power generation

Other keywords: MG frequency stability; system equipment; renewable energy sources; sensitivity analysis; system inertia reduction; frequency fluctuations; islanded microgrid; mapping technique; RESs; digital coordination strategy; digital OUFR design; high-frequency variations; digital proportional-integration-derivative controller; over-under-frequency relay protection; system inertia; discretisation process; OUFR protection; system security; photovoltaic integration; generating units; wind farm; frequency stability; load frequency control; load restoration; load shedding

Subjects: Wind power plants; Power system management, operation and economics; Power system protection; Solar power stations and photovoltaic power systems; Distributed power generation; Control of electric power systems; Power system control