Inspec keywords: power engineering computing; hydrothermal power systems; least squares approximations; control system synthesis; power generation control; support vector machines; optimisation; radial basis function networks; optimal control; automatic gain control; learning (artificial intelligence); control engineering computing; hybrid power systems

Other keywords: governor dead-band; nonreheat thermal energy systems; radial basis function kernel; trained LS-SVM RBF-kernel-based AGC design; hydro-thermal energy systems; function estimation problems; optimisation problem; generation rate constraint; multilayer perceptron artificial neural network; nonlinear LS-SVM; least-squares SVM; integral based controller; 2-area system models; automatic generation control scheme; control design; multiarea energy systems; support vector machine; pattern recognition; optimal control design; reheat thermal energy systems

Subjects: Knowledge engineering techniques; Optimal control; Power engineering computing; Interpolation and function approximation (numerical analysis); Interpolation and function approximation (numerical analysis); Control system analysis and synthesis methods; Thermal power stations and plants; Hydroelectric power stations and plants; Optimisation techniques; Phase and gain control; Optimisation techniques; Neural computing techniques