Inspec keywords: calibration; learning (artificial intelligence); patient rehabilitation; feature extraction; biomedical optical imaging; pose estimation; cameras; medical image processing

Other keywords: Fugl-Meyer guidelines; Helsinki-approved research; noninvasive motion capture system; stroke patients; data merging; Fugl-Meyer stroke rehabilitation testing; machine learning-based evaluations; multi-sensor capture system; human body; 3D motion capture system; pose estimation method; patient motion; marker-less multicamera setup; Fugl-Meyer stroke rehabilitation protocol; equipment-based calibration; spatiotemporal feature extraction

Subjects: Patient care and treatment; Optical and laser radiation (biomedical imaging/measurement); Image sensors; Knowledge engineering techniques; Biology and medical computing; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Patient care and treatment; Optical and laser radiation (medical uses); Optical, image and video signal processing; Computer vision and image processing techniques