Inspec keywords: image representation; geophysical techniques; feature extraction; learning (artificial intelligence); geophysical image processing; image classification; image matching

Other keywords: locality information; robust multiview spatial-spectral representation method; HSI classification; local features; spatial-spectral locality; two-dimensional image; robust multiview representation; image rotation; spectral dimensions; nearest-neighbouring spatial-spectral feature points; spatial-spectral locality correlation information; spatial-spectral domain; spatial dimensions; spatial-spectral pyramid matching model; deep learning method; discriminant information; hyperspectral image classification; local feature algorithms

Subjects: Image recognition; Geography and cartography computing; Instrumentation and techniques for geophysical, hydrospheric and lower atmosphere research; Geophysical techniques and equipment; Geophysics computing; Data and information; acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination in geophysics; Computer vision and image processing techniques