Inspec keywords: computer vision; table lookup; calorimetry; medical image processing; accelerometers; image sensors; sensor fusion; biomedical engineering

Other keywords: metabolic equivalents of task; visual sensors; indirect calorimetry ground truth measurements; gas exchange; wearable inertial sensor; accelerometer sensors; home monitoring; RGB-depth camera; lookup table based methods; physical activity levels; energy expenditure estimation

Subjects: Thermal variables measurement; Sensor fusion; Computer vision and image processing techniques; Velocity, acceleration and rotation measurement; Detection of radiation (bolometers, photoelectric cells, i.r. and submillimetre waves detection); Biomedical measurement and imaging; Sensing and detecting devices; Velocity, acceleration and rotation measurement; Image sensors; Optical, image and video signal processing; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Calorimetry; Image sensors; Data handling techniques; Biology and medical computing