Inspec keywords: variable structure systems; convergence of numerical methods; sampled data systems; observers; uncertain systems; differentiation; gain control; nonlinear control systems; control system synthesis; robust control

Other keywords: composite robust control approach; small gain-based discontinuous control term; disturbance estimation; fixed-time disturbance observer; bi-limit-weighted homogeneous FxTDO; matched uncertain disturbances; second-order nonlinear systems; chattering phenomenon; composite control law; second-order uncertain systems; differentiation error amplification strategy; fast convergence rate; power functions; FxTDO-based nonsingular terminal sliding mode control; parameters tuning process

Subjects: Phase and gain control; Nonlinear control systems; Numerical integration and differentiation; Simulation, modelling and identification; Discrete control systems; Control system analysis and synthesis methods; Multivariable control systems; Stability in control theory