Inspec keywords: demand side management; control system synthesis; voltage control; linear matrix inequalities; smart power grids; power system control; optimisation; stability; scheduling; distributed power generation; Lyapunov methods

Other keywords: controller design; switching schedules; designed communication network; nonlocal loads; sparse communication setting; individual LS; linear matrix inequalities; multiinput multioutput voltage control; distributed demand response; physical properties; optimisation frameworks; DDR; conjoint communication; load profile; distribution system; individual buses program; novel user-centric cyber-physical framework; COnjoint Methodology; voltage controllers; voltage controller stability margin; smart grid; enabling cyber-physical demand response; redistributed loads; schedulers present; maximum load

Subjects: Computer communications; Combinatorial mathematics; Power system control; Stability in control theory; Other topics in statistics; Optimisation techniques; Power system management, operation and economics; Optimisation techniques; Reliability; Control of electric power systems