Inspec keywords: surface plasmons; multilayers; graphene; Maxwell equations; Fermi level; plasmonics; integrated circuit interconnections; parallel plate waveguides

Other keywords: optoelectronic device; C; ML graphene; 2020 ITRS technology node; SWG; dispersion-less quasitransverse electromagnetic mode; plasmon generation effect; single waveguide; surface plasmon propagation; next-generation system; parallel-plate waveguide; intraband dynamical surface conductivity model; on-chip signalling; Fermi level; low-energy plasmonic interconnection geometry analysis; terahertz band communication; electrostatic screening; plasma wave propagation; Maxwell's equation; transverse magnetic direction; impedance boundary condition; PPWG; multilayer graphene heterostructure

Subjects: Fullerene, nanotube and related devices; Metallisation and interconnection technology; Waveguides and microwave transmission lines