Inspec keywords: statistical distributions; telecommunication power management; cyber-physical systems; open systems; computational complexity; nonlinear programming; Internet of Things; resource allocation; energy conservation; channel estimation; integer programming

Other keywords: mixed integer nonlinear problem; cyber physical systems; imperfect channel state information; interoperability; nondeterministic polynomial hard; Dinkelbach algorithm; interaction; cyber physical Internet of Things systems; computation resources; nonprobability form; communication resources; probability distribution method; channel estimation error; big data bottleneck; Lagrange duality approach; overall system energy efficiency; formulated optimisation problem; joint optimisation; resource allocation algorithm; multiple fog nodes; fog computing-based CPIoT

Subjects: Computer communications; Optimisation techniques; Optimisation techniques; Other topics in statistics; Computational complexity; Operating systems; Probability theory, stochastic processes, and statistics; Communication channel equalisation and identification; Other topics in statistics; Computer networks and techniques