Inspec keywords: neural nets; optical communication; support vector machines; error statistics; telecommunication computing; OFDM modulation; equalisers

Other keywords: SVM-NLE; single mode fibre channel; quadrature amplitude modulation; optical signal-to-noise ratio; coherent optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems; Volterra-NLE; nonlinear effects; Volterra series transfer function nonlinear equaliser; electrical equaliser; CO-OFDM data structure; support vector machine robust model; Wiener–Hammerstein non-linear equaliser; Volterra nonlinear equaliser; support vector machine nonlinear equaliser; optical communications; artificial neural networks non-linear equaliser; bit-error rate

Subjects: Modulation and coding methods; Neural computing techniques; Other topics in statistics; Knowledge engineering techniques; Communications computing; Other topics in statistics; Optical communication; Communication channel equalisation and identification