Inspec keywords: logic design; application specific integrated circuits; signal flow graphs; CMOS memory circuits; fixed point arithmetic; fast Fourier transforms; memory architecture; discrete Fourier transforms; integrated circuit design; hardware description languages; CMOS logic circuits; field programmable gate arrays; reconfigurable architectures; floating point arithmetic

Other keywords: radix-4 algorithm; double-precision floating-point representation; fixed-point representations; author memory-based FFT architectures; ASIC; fixed-point simulation models; numerical operations; radix-8 algorithm; Verilog hardware description language; regular structures; cycle-accurate simulation; radix-2 algorithm; symmetries properties; standard CMOS technology; compact-throughput parameterisable architectures; discrete FFT algorithms; signal flow graphs; split-radix algorithms; size 45 nm; bit-true simulation; mixed-radix algorithm; reconfigurable resources; Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA; author custom-developed library; high-throughput parameterisable architectures; fast Fourier transform algorithm; synthesisable FFT architectures

Subjects: Digital circuit design, modelling and testing; Storage system design; Logic circuits; Microprocessors and microcomputers; Digital arithmetic methods; Combinatorial mathematics; CMOS integrated circuits; Logic and switching circuits; Integral transforms in numerical analysis; Computer architecture; Integral transforms in numerical analysis; Logic design methods; Semiconductor storage; Combinatorial mathematics; Memory circuits