Inspec keywords: semiconductor device models; cobalt; ballistic transport; ferromagnetic materials; negative resistance; doping profiles; nickel; electronic density of states; density functional theory; ab initio calculations; iron; Green's function methods; DNA

Other keywords: ferromagnetic doping; ferromagnetic metals; current–voltage characteristics; device density of states; total switching process; ferromagnetic dopants; high doping concentration; iron doping; biomolecular heterojunction switch; nickel doping; temperature 293 K to 298 K; highest occupied molecular orbital; multiple switching activities; heterojunction biomolecular analytical structure; electronic enhancement effect; maximum quantum-ballistic current; conducting channels; nonequilibrium Green's function-based first principle approach; ferromagnetic-doping effect; density functional theory; conventional doping effect; cobalt dopants; quantum-ballistic conductivity; high quantum-transmission current flow; heterojunction bimolecular chain; biomolecular chain; quantum-transport properties; quantum-mechanical transport phenomenon; doped ferromagnetic material; sequential negative differential resistance properties; sequential switching property; ferromagnetic atoms; adenine-thymine heterojunction chain; lowest unoccupied MO peak

Subjects: Density functional theory, local density approximation (condensed matter electronic structure); Ab initio calculations (condensed matter electronic structure); Impurity concentration, distribution, and gradients; Ballistic transport; High-field transport and nonlinear effects (semiconductors/insulators); Semiconductor device modelling, equivalent circuits, design and testing; Doping and implantation of impurities; General mathematical techniques in electronic structure calculations (condensed matter)