Inspec keywords: CMOS integrated circuits; MMIC power amplifiers; frequency modulation; ultra wideband technology; radio transmitters; MMIC oscillators; low-power electronics; field effect MMIC

Other keywords: wasted voltage headroom effect reduction; output power amplifier; power 640 muW; size 130 nm; sub-oscillator; frequency 0.1 MHz to 4 MHz; IBM complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology; resistance 50 ohm; circuit blocks; power supplies; compact frequency-modulated ultrawideband transmitter; frequency 3.0 GHz to 4.5 GHz; radio-frequency oscillator; power 440 muW to 640 muW; low-power consumption; matching network

Subjects: Radio links and equipment; CMOS integrated circuits; Microwave integrated circuits; Amplifiers; Oscillators