Inspec keywords: operational amplifiers; harmonic distortion; triodes; CMOS integrated circuits; low-pass filters; integrated circuit design

Other keywords: voltage 0.6 V; THD; paralleling triode; third-order intercept point; total harmonic distortion; WiMAX standards; WLAN; OTA; auxiliary circuit; frequency 1 MHz; operational transconductance amplifier; tuning voltage; subthreshold-mode transconductors; CMOS technology; WCDMA; size 0.18 mum; third-order low-pass Gm-C filter; wide-tunable Gm-C filter design; adaptive gm3 cancellation linearisation; multimode direct conversion receivers

Subjects: Amplifiers; Semiconductor integrated circuit design, layout, modelling and testing; CMOS integrated circuits; Vacuum tubes; Filters and other networks