Inspec keywords: frequency-domain analysis; band-pass filters; passive filters; time-domain analysis; low-power electronics; biomedical electronics; electroencephalography; notch filters; instrumentation amplifiers; high-pass filters; printed circuits; low noise amplifiers

Other keywords: delta-sigma ADC; low-power wireless module; EEG analogue front end; four-layer PCB; modified high-Q active twin-T notch filter; DRL-less AFE design; EEG data collection; gain 55.84 dB; DRL circuit; low-noise high CMRR instrument amplifier; cyber physical systems; time domain; mid-rail biasing; NeuroMonitor prototype; on-board analysis; electroencephalography; two stage 2nd-order Chebyshev-I Sallen-key low-pass filter; passive 2nd-order low-pass filter; AFE; data streaming; battery; band-pass filter; programmable system-on-a-chip microcontroller; bipolar montage; driven right leg circuit; frequency 125 Hz; word length 16 bit; PSoC microcontroller; referential montage; frequency 60 Hz; analogue MUX; Bluetooth; low-power wireless wearable EEG device; frequency domain; microUSB port; research-grade EEG system; interactive brain computer interface; 1st-order passive high-pass filter; mutex dual-buffer

Subjects: Passive filters and other passive networks; Bioelectric signals; Amplifiers; Printed circuits; Electrodiagnostics and other electrical measurement techniques