Inspec keywords: dosimetry; computerised tomography; optical tomography; economics; lung; cancer; biomedical optical imaging

Other keywords: navigation system; Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio-Medico; lung cancers; bioptic procedure; efficacy; lesion size; lesion diameter; absorbed dose reduction; optical computed tomography-navigation system; assisted lung biopsy; percutaneous lung interventional; economic impact evaluation; percutaneous biopsy; SIRIO; noneconomic gains; early diagnosis; mean effective radiation dose; Department of Interventional Radiology

Subjects: Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Radiation dosimetry in medical physics; Optical and laser radiation (biomedical imaging/measurement); X-ray techniques: radiography and computed tomography (biomedical imaging/measurement); X-rays and particle beams (medical uses); Radiation protection and dosimetry; Optical and laser radiation (medical uses)