Inspec keywords: muscle; fats; phantoms; data acquisition; bone; synchronisation; skin; microwave antennas; microwave imaging; image reconstruction; medical image processing

Other keywords: microwave bone imaging technology; antipodal Vivaldi antennas; biomedical bone imaging; synchronisation; distinctive dielectric contrast; portable nonionising imaging; accurate antenna positioning; tibia; three-dimensional image; muscle; fibula; preliminary scanning system; image formation procedure; fat; mechanical uncertainties; antenna miniaturisation; image reconstruction; frequency 0.5 GHz to 4 GHz; data acquisition time; skin; multilayer phantom; fully automated scanner; bone tissues; impedance mismatch; proof-of-concept

Subjects: Microwaves and other electromagnetic waves (biomedical imaging/measurement); Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Antennas; Optical, image and video signal processing; Biology and medical computing; Microwave measurement techniques; Computer vision and image processing techniques; Microwaves and other electromagnetic waves (medical uses)