Inspec keywords: medical signal processing; embedded systems; patient monitoring; diseases; energy harvesting; biomedical telemetry; health care; digital television; body sensor networks; biomedical equipment

Other keywords: wireless wearable sensors; reliable ambient energy; radiofrequency energy harvesting; patient self-monitoring; daily healthcare; physiological signals; frequency 700 MHz; embedded system; suburban areas; digital terrestrial television networks; wirelessly physiological data transmission; continuous monitoring; RF energy harvester; chronic disease prevention; chronic disease management; commercial telecommunication networks; wearable biomedical sensors; disruptive technology; ambient RF energy sources; mobile 900/1800 cellular; power supply

Subjects: Sensing devices and transducers; Microwaves and other electromagnetic waves (biomedical imaging/measurement); Microwaves and other electromagnetic waves (medical uses); Biology and medical computing; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Signal processing and detection; Telemetry; Sensing and detecting devices; Biomedical communication; Energy harvesting; Wireless sensor networks; Digital signal processing; Energy harvesting