Inspec keywords: medical signal processing; feature extraction; biomedical transducers; phonocardiography; patient monitoring; data acquisition; pneumodynamics; acoustic signal processing; body sensor networks; signal classification; acoustic transducers

Other keywords: heart rate extraction; heart cycle; novel wearable acoustic sensor; dataset; long-term wearable vital signs monitoring; heart rate extraction algorithm; commercial devices; signal acquisition; data acquisition; S2 heart sound detection; S1 heart sound detection; acoustic signal acquisition; heart sound listening; phonocardiography; breathing monitoring; cardiac abnormalities; acoustic heart sound classification

Subjects: Data acquisition systems; Sonic and ultrasonic radiation (medical uses); Sensing and detecting devices; Sonic and ultrasonic applications; Haemodynamics, pneumodynamics; Digital signal processing; Sonic and ultrasonic transducers; Data acquisition equipment and techniques; Data gathering, processing, and recording, data displays including digital techniques; Sensing devices and transducers; Biology and medical computing; Sonic and ultrasonic radiation (biomedical imaging/measurement); Wireless sensor networks; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Signal processing and detection