Inspec keywords: biomedical equipment; patient monitoring; pneumodynamics; paediatrics; cardiology; biomedical optical imaging; video cameras; oxygen; estimation theory; feature extraction; oximetry; biochemistry; medical image processing; video recording; blood vessels; patient care

Other keywords: direct patient contact; infant skin damage; adhesive electrodes; adult healthy human volunteers; adhesive sensors; infant stress; superficial blood vessel colour change measurement; high-dependency care area; camera-derived estimates; continuous noncontact vital sign monitoring; clinical letter; bradycardia identification; continuous vital sign monitoring technologies; neonatal intensive care unit; digital video camera; time 4 day; NICU; infant nursing; continuous oxygen saturation estimation; video-based noncontact monitoring methods; major desaturation; incubators; video signal processing algorithms; O2; continuous pre-term infant monitoring; stable sections; infant pain; reference heart rate value; continuous heart rate estimation; pulse oximeter; ambient light; cardiac cycle; breathing rate estimation; superficial blood vessel volume change measurement; electrocardiogram; mean absolute error; hospital; minimal infant motion; ECG-derived value; continuous respiratory rate estimation

Subjects: Video recording; Other topics in statistics; Other topics in statistics; Optical, image and video signal processing; Optical and laser radiation (medical uses); Chemical variables measurement; Haemodynamics, pneumodynamics; Interactions with radiations at the biomolecular level; Patient care and treatment; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Optical and laser radiation (biomedical imaging/measurement); Patient care and treatment; Computer vision and image processing techniques; Biology and medical computing