Inspec keywords: MIS capacitors; interface states; ion implantation; hydrogen; passivation; Fermi level; plasma CVD; gallium arsenide; III-V semiconductors; sputter etching; surface potential; silicon compounds

Other keywords: hydrogen implantation; silicon nitride; deoxidation etching; GaAs:H; SiN; C-V characteristics; MIS capacitors; GaAs passivation; interface state density; Fermi level; low frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition; PECVD

Subjects: Chemical vapour deposition; Surface treatment and degradation in semiconductor technology; Doping and implantation of impurities; Plasma applications in manufacturing and materials processing; Capacitors; Metal-insulator-semiconductor structures; Surface treatment (semiconductor technology); Surface states, surface band structure, surface electron density of states; Semiconductor doping; Thin film growth, structure, and epitaxy; Chemical vapour deposition