Inspec keywords: detectors; ultrasonic transducers; piezoelectric transducers; crystal resonators; chemical variables measurement; lithium compounds

Other keywords: US; ZX-LiNbO3 acoustic plate modes; dilute electrolyte; acousto-ionic interaction; metal ion solutions; 13 MHz; LiNbO3 acoustic plate mode sensor; Z-cut X-propagating LiNbO3 crystals; acoustic wave sensors; resolution; sensitivity; dilute ionic solutions detectors

Subjects: Sonic and ultrasonic applications; Sensing and detecting devices; Analytical methods using colligative properties; Chemical variables measurement; Piezoelectric and ferroelectric devices; Chemical variables control; Transducers; Sensing devices and transducers; Sonic and ultrasonic transducers; Electric transducers and sensing devices; Transduction; devices for the generation and reproduction of sound