Inspec keywords: electromagnetic wave polarisation; frequency selective surfaces; Fabry-Perot resonators; antenna radiation patterns; antenna feeds; microstrip antennas; microwave antennas; broadband antennas; microstrip antenna arrays

Other keywords: PRS array comprising; high-gain circularly polarised Fabry–Perot antenna; Fabry–Perot resonator antenna; 11 × 11 unit cells; 12.7% common bandwidth; frequency 8.0 GHz to 12.0 GHz; simple wideband stacked patch antenna; partially reflective surface; 8–12 GHz; axial ratio bandwidth; frequency 8.8 GHz to 10.0 GHz; broadside-gain enhancement; tapered frequency selective surface; X-band

Subjects: Radio links and equipment; Antenna arrays; Single antennas