Inspec keywords: probability; biomedical MRI; bone; image classification; image segmentation; Gaussian distribution; biological tissues; maximum likelihood estimation; image reconstruction; medical image processing; positron emission tomography

Other keywords: emission data; MLAA-TPA algorithm; air mask; maximum likelihood reconstruction; pseudoGaussian distributions; attenuation coefficients; MR-MLAA algorithm performance; exclusive magnetic resonance information; MR image segmentation; attenuation map; MR contingency supplement prior; nontime-of-flight positron emission tomography/MR; inherent cross-talk; attenuation estimation; bone probability map breakdown; soft tissue distribution; Gibbs prior; tissue prior atlas; activity distributions

Subjects: Medical magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy; Computer vision and image processing techniques; Other topics in statistics; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Nuclear medicine, emission tomography; Optical, image and video signal processing; Biomedical magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy; Other topics in statistics; Biology and medical computing; Probability theory, stochastic processes, and statistics; Nuclear medicine, emission tomography