Inspec keywords: dielectric resonator antennas; substrate integrated waveguides; cavity resonators; microwave resonators; microstrip lines; slot antennas; laminates; dielectric materials; antenna feeds; planar antennas; rectangular waveguides; microwave antennas; etching

Other keywords: frequency 7.66 GHz; SIW cavity-backed self-triplexing slot antenna; hybrid half-mode rectangular SIW cavity resonator; microstrip line; radiating slot etching; frequency 7.17 GHz; hybrid half-mode circular SIW cavity resonator; frequency 5.57 GHz; substrate integrated waveguide; single-layered copper-laminated dielectric substrate

Subjects: Antenna accessories; Other dielectric applications and devices; Waveguides and microwave transmission lines; Single antennas; Waveguide and microwave transmission line components