Inspec keywords: low-power electronics; linearisation techniques; MOSFET; phase noise; voltage-controlled oscillators; field effect MMIC; CMOS integrated circuits; microwave oscillators

Other keywords: compact chip area; low-phase noise CMOS LC VCO; PMOS-only topology; self-biased CMOS LC VCO; size 65 nm; voltage 1.3 V; NMOS-only topology; active devices; oscillation frequency; tank loading reduction; transconductance linearisation; frequency 3.96 GHz to 6.1 GHz; capacitive-coupled feedback; oscillation amplitude; pMOS switching transistors; self-biased push-pull configuration; power 13 mW to 23 mW; device drain; power consumption reduction; nMOS switching transistors; LC tank

Subjects: Electrical/electronic equipment (energy utilisation); Microwave integrated circuits; CMOS integrated circuits; Insulated gate field effect transistors; Oscillators