Inspec keywords: manipulator kinematics; haptic interfaces; dexterous manipulators; couplings; grippers; telerobotics; mechanical contact; motion control; robot vision

Other keywords: grasp execution; spatial motions; contact forces; finger linkages; underactuated robot-hand; anthropomorphic robot set-up; natural prehensile actions; visual sensations; grasping postures; human-like postural attributes; kinaesthetic cognitions; kinaesthetic guidance; virtual-object imagery; generic grasp enaction sequences; remote operator controls; serial-haptic interface; simplified grasp-formulation resolution; human hand; natural grasp prehension regeneration; robot hardware

Subjects: Spatial variables control; Computer vision and image processing techniques; User interfaces; Telerobotics; Optical, image and video signal processing; Manipulators; Robot and manipulator mechanics