Inspec keywords: bioMEMS; lab-on-a-chip; biochemistry; thermometers; thermal conductivity; microfabrication; capillarity; molecular biophysics; biosensors; DNA; glass structure; enzymes; glass; conductive adhesives

Other keywords: biocompatibility; glass capillaries; polymerase chain reaction chip; air bubble; temperature sensing precision; lithography; glass structure; heater radiation; thermal conductive adhesive; etching; glass slice; thermometer; home diagnosis; microchannel; temperature sensing error; SiO2; PCR chips; static chamber; polymer mould-replication; DNA amplification

Subjects: Biosensors; Biosensors; Thermal variables measurement; Physical chemistry of biomolecular solutions and condensed states; Thermometry; Fabrication of MEMS and NEMS devices; Microsensors and nanosensors; Biomolecular interactions, charge transfer complexes; Chemical variables measurement; Micromechanical and nanomechanical devices and systems