Inspec keywords: enzymes; biochemistry; genetics; Lyapunov methods; microorganisms; pharmaceuticals; optimisation

Other keywords: S. lividans; xiamenmycin-oriented genetic modification; glycerol; generic enzymatic rate equations; kinetic metabolic model; xiamenmycin production; glucose; carbon sources; xiamenmycin biosynthetic optimisation; kinetic model; Lyapunov function; prenylated benzopyran compounds; mangrove-derived Streptomyces xiamenensis; citric acid cycle; phosphoenolpyruvate synthesis; bacterium; antifibrotic bioactivity; Streptomyces lividans; flux distributions; metabolic network

Subjects: Physics of subcellular structures; Physical chemistry of biomolecular solutions and condensed states; Biomolecular interactions, charge transfer complexes; Biomolecular structure, configuration, conformation, and active sites