Inspec keywords: wireless LAN; greedy algorithms; search problems; standardisation; cyber-physical systems; telecommunication scheduling; telecommunication traffic; linear programming; safety systems; telecommunication network topology; telecommunication network routing; quality of service; integer programming

Other keywords: schedule tables; network topology; distributed architectures; distributed cyber-physical systems; quality-of-service; integer linear programming formulation; time-triggered communication; IEEE 802.1 Ethernet standard; time-sensitive networking standard; audio-video-bridging; safety-critical real-time applications; TT routing problem; IEEE time-sensitive networks; TSN standard; optimisation problems; design optimisation; greedy randomised adaptive search procedure-based heuristic; AVB worst-case end-to-end delay; AVB traffic; bounded end-to-end latency

Subjects: Combinatorial mathematics; Optimisation techniques; Radio links and equipment; Communication network design, planning and routing