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Authors who publish IET journal articles will now receive an Author URL, an exclusive links that gives free access to your article for six months after publication ( free and open-access articles will always be available)

Authors can use the links in any way they choose: adding them to their website, tweeting them, posting them on social media platforms such as ResearchGate, Mendeley or Facebook, or emailing them to colleagues, friends and family. Making the papers available like this is a great way to boost the author’s profile in the engineering community and raise the overall impact of their work. It is just another good reason to publish with the IET.

Complete the IET survey ‘Understanding researchers needs’

Help the IET to improve its support for researchers by completing a short survey ‘Understanding researchers needs’.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET) is a professional body for engineers and technicians, both in industry and academia. It aims to ensure that engineers have the technical knowledge and professional skills required to produce outstanding engineering outcomes. The IET invites you to complete a survey about your needs as a researcher so that the IET can improve its support for researchers (the survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete).

As thanks for your time the IET will share a summary of the overall survey findings with you, which you may find useful to benchmark your research experiences against those of your peers (please provide your contact details at the end of the survey).

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IET Biometrics receives its inaugural Impact Factor

Now indexed in all the major bibliographic databases (IET Inspec, Scopus and EI Compendex), IET Biometrics has now received its first Impact Factor of 0.857.*

Since the Journal launched in 2012, IET Biometrics has published over 80 papers in the exciting interdisciplinary area of biometric recognition, positioning itself as an essential resource for the biometrics community.

Receiving its first Impact Factor is an important milestone for the Journal and is a reflection of the hard work of the IET Editorial team, the dedication of the founding Editorial Board members and the support from the international biometrics community.

*2015 Journal Citation Reports®

To find out more about IET Biometrics or to submit a paper, click here.

Co-Editor-in-Chief of IETs prestigious Electronics Letters, Professor Chris Toumazou talks about the impact of ICs on healthcare in "Electronics Weekly"

In the 2015 Gabor lecture at Imperial College, London, on June 23rd, Professor Chris Toumazou will present his ideas on using semiconductor technology in consumer devices for the early detection and therapy of human diseases.

Find out more about Professor Toumzou’s work and read the full article here.

Editage partners with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to offer pre-submission editing and language services

Editage, a leader in English-language editing and publication support services, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Europe’s leading publisher of world-class digital and print engineering & technology content, have announced the start of a partnership that will provide discounted English-language editing services to authors submitting to the IET portfolio of journals.

Read the full press release here.

Author interview with Hubert Trzaska

We asked authors of our esteemed IET eBook publications, including Hubert Trzaska, author of Electromagnetic Field Standards and Exposure Systems, a series of questions ranging from their career, body of work, challenges – to their ideas on how to get kids interested in math and science.

Read the full interview here.

Access 6500+ engineering and technology videos on the new platform

The IET has launched a brand new website containing the world’s largest collection of engineering and technology video content. The new platform includes over 6,500 multidisciplinary engineering and technology videos, with around 750 being added every year.

The new website aims to make it easier than ever before for engineers to share knowledge. Re-launched onto a new and improved platform, provides an array of tools to manipulate, share and download videos, plus find related content through context-sensitive links. Webinar and webcast features will also allow users to take part in live Q&As. Read the full press release.

For more information, visit

IET and CIE Sign Co-publishing Agreement

The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) has signed a co-publishing agreement with the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) for global online publication of the Chinese Journal of Electronics (CJE). The agreement, which excludes mainland China, runs for a five year period, starting this year.

This agreement, which will significantly extend the international influence of both organisations was negotiated with the CIE’s Deputy Secretary, Forrest Lin, also Secretary General of China Cloud Computing Technology Association.

Read the full press release here.

IET and key publishers address need to improve conference content quality

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) together with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Elsevier has created draft recommendations for conference content.

These recommendations are designed to uphold the quality of published research presented at scientific meetings and conferences. The presence of low-quality papers in conference proceedings degrades the value and reputation of the author, conference organisers, their sponsors and commercial or non-commercial publishers, and any repository they are part of.

Read the full press release here

New 2015 Publishing Catalogues now available

Showcasing a range of books from both the IET and SciTech Publishing imprints, the IET Books 2015 Catalogue lists our forthcoming titles for 2015, recently published titles and an extensive selection from the backlist

Covering 14 main topic areas, this new style catalogue is designed to provide you with the opportunity to conveniently browse our range.

To find out more, Download the IET Books 2015 Catalogue

Featuring 24 research titles, 3 letters journals and a gold, open access megajournal, the IET Journals 2015 Catalogue provides a wealth of research and information in a wide range of engineering and technology fields.

Designed to offer even greater value and flexibility, the IET Journals Packages provide users easy access to a range of interdisciplinary and single scope publications.

Download the IET Journals 2015 Catalogue
Download the IET Journals 2015 Price List

Microlithography techniques give arrays the nanoscale edge

A recent advance in nanotechnology could herald the widespread uptake of nanoelectrode arrays and the next generation of low-cost, high-performance nanoscale biosensing devices.

An interdisciplinary research team from the Schools of Engineering and Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh (in association with Nanoflex Ltd), has overcome some of the constraints associated with conventional nano-scale electrode arrays, to develop the first precision-engineered nanoelectrode array system with the promise of high-volume and low-cost.

To read the full article, visit Guardian Science

Growth in IET Journals

2013 Impact Factors from Thomson Reuters have shown growth for a number of journals published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) with eight of our of the journals improving their Impact Factor by more than 10 per cent.
Read the full press release here.

Healthcare Technology Letters to attend EMBC 2014, Chicago, USA.

Later this month, Healthcare Technology Letters will attend the EMBC Conference in Chicago. Together with many of the editorial board and the editor-in-chief, Professor Christopher James, the editorial team will be gaining submissions for future issues of this new journal and a special issue to be published early in 2015. For further information, contact the team on [email protected] or if you’re in the area, please pop along to Stand 15 to say hello.

eBook Exclusive! - Design and Development of Multi-Lane Smart Electromechanical Actuators  

Design and Development of Multi-Lane Smart Electromechanical is the IET’s first eBook only title and is available on the IET Digital Library. Featuring all the benefits of a digital title, this newly published ebook in the control series can be downloaded by chapter or full text.

Design and Development of Multi-Lane Smart Electromechanical describes design concepts in electromechanical actuators by considering an actuator that has the capability to drive the aerodynamic and inertial loads of an aileron control surface similar to that of the Sea Harrier.

Providing the necessary theoretical background to design smart multi-lane electromechanical actuation systems, this new eBook provides a general methodology that engineers (electrical, mechanical, mechatronic, aerospace or chemical) will find useful. Read more…

Browse the full range of control eBooks

Electronics Letters Editor wins prestigious European Inventor Award

Professor Chris Toumazou, Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Institution of Engineering & Technology’s (IET) Electronics Letters, has won the Research category of the 2014 European Inventor Award for his microchip for quick DNA testing.

Professor Toumazou’s “lab-on-a-chip” technology decodes a patient’s DNA in under 30 minutes, enabling testing for genetic disease and drug intolerances on the spot. His invention represents a major step towards illness prevention and targeted diagnosis, with enormous implications for societal and economic good, worldwide.

Read the full press release here.

New automatic sign language translator with groundbreaking potential developed

A new intelligent system could be set to transform the lives of deaf and hearing impaired people. International research published in the IET’s The Journal of Engineering highlights an Automatic Sign Language Translator (ASLT) which uses advanced technology to capture, interpret and translate sign language into “readable language”. With the potential for use in multiple languages and economical enough for mass production and for use on mobile devices, this (early stage) research could be set to help change the lives of deaf people worldwide.

Read the full press release here.

Submit your paper to the Special Issue of IET Wireless Sensor Systems

The IET welcome submissions for the special issue of IET Wireless Sensor Systems-  ‘Intelligent Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications’ which focuses on topics such as: Architectures and protocols for intelligent WSNs, data fusion, aggregation and inference, emotion detection and real-time processing and WSNs for the Internet of Things.

Click here for more information, or to submit your paper. 

Submit your paper to the Special Issue of IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

The IET welcome submissions for the special issue of IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution-  ‘Power electronic converter systems for integration of renewable energy sources’ which focuses on topics such as: converter topology regarding system integration, use of energy storage technology and grid interfaces for DC Microgrids.

Click here for more information, or to submit your paper. 

The 3rd edition of Economic Evaluation of Projects in the Electricity Supply Industry is now available as an eBook.

This updated and expanded new edition takes a broad introductory approach, covering market and environmental issues, financial analysis and evaluation, clean environmental technologies and costs. Economic Evaluation of Projects in the Electricity Supply Industry, 3rd edition will be invaluable to engineers, economists and financial analysts tasked with evaluating the economics of power projects and their environmental implication, in order to comprehend and analyse investment proposals and decisions. Read more

The author, Hisham Khatib is Honorary Vice Chairman of the World Energy Council and a member of the World Federation of Scientists Energy Permanent Monitoring Panel. He is a founding member of the WEC Committee on Clean Fossil Fuels Studies, and the committee on Performance of Generating Plants. 

View more power and energy eBooks 

New Editors-in-Chief appointed for IET Power Electronics

The IET is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Editors-in-Chief to its journal IET Power Electronics. Professor Volker Pickert becomes the new Editor-in-Chief and Dr Mohamed Dahidah, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, as of March 2014.
Both of these acknowledged experts in the field will further enhance the standing of this already leading journal.  Both editors will take the journal forward following the retirement of the existing Editor-in-Chief, Professor Brian Mellitt.

Read the full press release here.

Submit your paper now for the next issue of Healthcare Technology Letters

Healthcare Technology Letters is now available online with e-first publication and four issues in its first year. With the first issue published, the editorial team is looking forward to establishing and growing the journal. This is an exciting time for research in healthcare technology and if you are a prospective author, with a suitable paper that meets the editorial scope, the editorial team would like to hear from you. Authors and research groups, large and small, from across the globe are invited to submit papers on their latest advances.

With peer-review, constructive feedback to authors, and rapid publication, HTL aims to be at the cutting edge of high-quality research in its field. Open access options are also available that meet the requirements of all funding bodies.

Professor Christopher James, Editor-in-Chief: “I invite you all to be a part of HTL and to share your research outputs through this journal, so that together we can create a unique forum for the rapid exchange of the latest ideas and innovations and help shape the future of healthcare technology research.”

Click here for details of how to submit to HTL.

The first issue of Healthcare Technology Letters is now available to view

The first issue of Healthcare Technology Letters is now available to view. As its first Editor-in-Chief, Professor Christopher James of the University of Warwick says, “this new initiative from the IET comes at an exciting time within the field of healthcare technology, which has never before seen so many new developments in basic research as well as in the varied fields of application. The IET’s journals have a pedigree in announcing to the world novel discoveries and developments in fields such as electronics, communications and all the other major disciplines within engineering. Healthcare technology, which can be seen as subset of the wider biomedical engineering field, is very much a multi-disciplinary endeavour – where basic research from various fields is brought together with novel applications, and domain specific knowledge, from a wide range of medical, biological and clinical specialties. HTL will provide a one-stop shop for researchers wanting to be kept abreast of the latest developments in this fast-changing field.

The letters format allows for quick turnaround of succinct papers reporting novel technologies, applications and studies. That, coupled with peer-review, constructive feedback to authors, and rapid publication, should help to keep HTL at the cutting edge of high-quality research in its field. The open access options that are also available will help submitting institutions to meet the requirements of their funding bodies.”

Click here to read Professor James’s full editorial.

IET and KISTI announce agreement to disseminate scientific information in Korea

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide and disseminate scientific information, allowing 160 KESLI (Korean Electronic Site License Initiative) members in South Korea to benefit from perpetual access to the IET Digital Library Journals Archive, including instant access to over 97,000 articles.

Read the full press release here

New Editors-in-Chief appointed for IET Computers & Digital Techniques

The IET is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Editors-in-Chief to its journal IET Computers & Digital Techniques. Professor Andy Tyrrell has been named Editor-in-Chief, and Prabhat Mishra Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Their combined expertise and standing in the scientific community bring a renewed impetus to this prestigious journal going forward.

Read the full press release here.

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