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Important information for anyone contributing to the IET's publications

The IET has a dynamic and expanding journals publishing programme which includes Electronics Letters, Micro & Nano Letters along with over 25 IET Research Journal titles. These internationally renowned journals contain both original and review papers relating to all disciplines in electrical, electronics, computing, control, biomedical and communications technologies.

The IET also publishes a range of books that cover all the key areas of engineering and technology.

The IET demands the highest standards of the written contributions that appear in its products and services, and a commitment exists to maintain those standards. Authors contributing to these publications must understand the conditions that govern the solicitation, commission, and acceptance of submissions.

Author URLs
When you publish a paper in an IET journal, you will receive an exclusive link that gives free access to your article for six months after publication (free and open access articles will always be available).

There are no restrictions on where you can use your Author URL. For example, you can share it with colleagues and friends, via email and upload onto social media sites such as ResearchGate, Mendeley or Facebook. You can also add it to your personal or institutional website, helping you to raise awareness of your research, boost your profile and increase the chances of receiving citations.

Pre-submission editing services
The IET has also partnered with Editage to provide editorial services to authors submitting to IET Journals. The services will help authors craft well-written manuscripts for submission to the journal of their choice. Prior to submitting your manuscript, you may wish to have it edited for correct use of English, particularly if English is not your first language. This is not compulsory but it may assist the journal editors and reviewers to fully understand the content of your paper.
NB: Use of the Editage service does not guarantee that your manuscript will be sent out for peer review or accepted for publication.

If you would like information on the language editing facility offered by Editage, an independent editorial service, please visit their IET microsite where you will receive a 15% discount on the services available.

There are a large number of language-editing services available and you would be free to use any of these. Note that authors are liable for all costs associated with language editing and IET does not accept any responsibility for the level of service provided.

Please be aware that the guidelines for IET Books, Journals, and Magazines may be revised and amended on a regular basis, so it is always worthwhile contacting the respective editors before making submissions. If you would like to submit an article to an IET journal or submit a proposal for an IET book, please refer to the instructions given below and additionally please note the IET Policy in Relation to Plagiarism, Infringement of Copyright and Infringement of Moral Rights and Submission to Multiple Publications.

With the majority of our journals indexed in major databases, you can find a full list of where all the IET journals are indexed here.

IET Books

Submit a proposal for an IET Book.

IET Journals

We are currently in the process of migrating our journals from ScholarOne Manuscripts to River Valley’s ReView. During this transition, please follow the “Submit your paper” link on each journal’s home page to ensure you submit your paper to the correct manuscript submission and peer review site. Author guides are available on each journal’s home under the “About” tab. These include detailed instructions for how to prepare and submit your paper to an IET Journal.

The IET Premium (Best Paper) Awards

Each year the IET awards a prize to the authors of the best paper published within the last two years in each of the IET’s journals.

A list of all winning papers can be found here, and the latest prize-winning paper for each journal can also be found on that journal’s homepage.

Open access publishing

The IET is now offering open access publishing options across its range of journals. Open access papers will be published under a Creative Commons licence rather than an assignment of copyright. The IET are offering authors a range of different licences to make this process as flexible as possible. For more information on each licence please see below.

Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) This licence lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licences offered. Recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licenced materials. (If your work is funded by The Wellcome Trust or Research Councils UK you must use this licence.)
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Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs (CC BY-ND) This licence allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to you.
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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) This licence lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don't have to licence their derivative works on the same terms.
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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) This licence is the most restrictive licence we offer, only allowing others to download your works and share them with others as long as they credit you, but they can't change them in any way or use them commercially.
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