IEE Proceedings - Systems Biology

Volume 152, Issue 4, December 2005

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Volume 152, Issue 4

December 2005

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    • Systems biology, connectivity and the future of medicine
      Highly optimised global organisation of metabolic networks
      Accounting for quiescent cells in tumour growth and cancer treatment
      Quantitative data generation for systems biology: the impact of randomisation, calibrators and normalisers
      Biological complexity and drug discovery: a practical systems biology approach
      Smooth bistable S-systems
      Application of predictive biosimulation within pharmaceutical clinical development: examples of significance for translational medicine and clinical trial design
      Robustness properties of apoptosis models with respect to parameter variations and intrinsic noise
      Reduced-order modelling of biochemical networks: application to the GTPase-cycle signalling module
      Using chemical reaction network theory to discard a kinetic mechanism hypothesis
      Algorithmic approaches for computing elementary modes in large biochemical reaction networks
      Systems biology for battling rheumatoid arthritis: Application of the Entelos PhysioLab platform
      Differential coding of humoral stimuli by timing and amplitude of intracellular calcium spike trains
      Establishing a master's degree programme in Bioinformatics: challenges and opportunities
      Systems-level questions in Drosophila oogenesis
      Analysis of cellular response to protein overexpression
      Systems biology and the mathematical modelling of antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT)

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