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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Gamification and Persuasive Games for Software Engineering - click here to download more information

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Gamification in software development
  • Gamification for improving innovation management
  • Motivational factors and customer engagement in the field of SPI
  • Gamified crowdsourcing for the activities for software testing and data collection
  • Gamification design for software development research
  • Virtual reality and simulations for activities of software development
  • Gamification in software process improvement
  • Non-digital games for improving the social aspects of software development
  • The future benefits of Gamification to teach software engineering and industry standards

Software Architectures for the Web of Things (SAWoT)- for more information click here

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Software architectural styles and patterns for connecting objects to the World Wide Web
  • Engineering smart objects on the web
  • Semantic web and linked open data
  • Web of Things and the Internet of Everything
  • Challenges for Big Data and Internet of Things applications
  • Architectures and frameworks for connection of smart devices
  • Survey and comparative studies
  • Other topics relevant to the Web of Things

Search-Based Software Engineering - click here to download more information 

Specific topics can include the application of heuristic search to the following areas:

  • Design and code
  • Software architecture
  • Refactoring
  • Software testing
  • Software maintenance
  • Software quality
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Recommendation systems
  • Development processes
  • Component-based Software Engineering
  • Service-oriented Software Engineering
  • Model-driven Software Engineering
  • Software product lines

Previously published Special Issues


Special Issue: Advanced Software Engineering for Data Mining in Business, Health, Education and Social Networks (B-H-E-SN)

Vol. 11, Issue 5

Advances in Knowledge and Information Software Management

Vol. 11, Issue 3


Empirical Studies in Software Engineering

Vol. 7, Issue 6

11th IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation

Vol. 7, Issue 3


European System and Software Process Improvement Innovation (EuroSPI)

Vol. 6, Issue 5

Special section: Management of Global Software Development: Opportunities, Challenges and Lessons Learned

Vol. 6, Issue 3

Special section: Web and Requirements Engineering

Vol. 6, Issue 2

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