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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 14, 17 November 2017

Volume 10, Issue 14

17 November 2017

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    • Analysis, design, and realisation of a ZVT interleaved boost dc/dc converter with single ZVT auxiliary circuit
      Novel high step-up dual switches converter with reduced power device voltage stress for distributed generation system
      Investigation on pulse-width amplitude modulation-based single-phase quasi-Z-source photovoltaic inverter
      Analysis and control of battery-integrated dc/dc converters for renewable energy applications
      Analysis and implementation of a finite-control-set by using model solution-based control for three-phase VSI
      Transformer-less five-level high-voltage full-scale converter with a self-balance auxiliary circuit for 10 MW wind turbines
      Three-phase qZ-source inverter with fault tolerant capability
      PV-assisted microgeneration scheme with single-phase induction generator suitable for wide speed range application
      A simplified structure for three-phase 4-level inverter employing fundamental frequency switching technique
      Analysis of a seven-level asymmetrical hybrid multilevel converter for traction systems
      Development of a wireless power transmission simulator based on finite-difference time-domain using graphics accelerators
      Cascaded five-level quasi-switched-boost inverter for single-phase grid-connected system
      Six-phase interleaved boost dc/dc converter with high-voltage gain and reduced voltage stress
      Performance evaluation of digital filters in distribution static compensator for non-linear loads
      High voltage gain interleaved DC–DC converter with minimum current ripple
      Carrier-based pulse-width modulation control strategy of five-phase six-bridge indirect matrix converter under unbalanced load
      Neutral-point potential balancing control strategy of three-level active NPC inverter based on SHEPWM
      Load detection method for multiple-receiver wireless power transfer systems
      Fully integrated high-efficiency high step-down ratio DC–DC buck converter with predictive over-current protection scheme
      Numerical modelling of PCB planar inductors: impact of 3D modelling on high-frequency copper loss evaluation
      Effect of intermediate capacitance on slow-scale instability of Cuk power factor correction converter operating in discontinuous capacitor voltage mode
      Graphic computational platform integrated with an electronic emulator dedicated to photovoltaic systems teaching
      Assorted carrier-variable frequency-random PWM scheme for voltage source inverter
      Optimisation of gate-commutated thyristors for hybrid DC breakers
    • Total volume evaluation of high-power density non-isolated DC–DC converters with integrated magnetics for electric vehicles

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