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IET Information Security

Volume 11, Issue 6, November 2017

Volume 11, Issue 6

November 2017

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    • Low-latency digit-serial dual basis multiplier for lightweight cryptosystems
      Fast and automatic security test on cryptographic ICs against fault injection attacks based on design for security test
      Defending shilling attacks in recommender systems using soft co-clustering
      Provably secure verifiable multi-stage secret sharing scheme based on monotone span program
      Attribute-based encryption implies identity-based encryption
      Memory attestation of wireless sensor nodes through trusted remote agents
      MNOS: a mimic network operating system for software defined networks
      Implementation flaws in the masking scheme of DPA Contest v4
      Internal state recovery of Grain v1 employing guess-and-determine attack
      Enhanced secure time synchronisation protocol for IEEE802.15.4e-based industrial Internet of Things
      Impossible differential attacks on the SKINNY family of block ciphers
    • Security assessment of the Spanish contactless identity card

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