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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 12, Issue 5, May 2018

Volume 12, Issue 5

May 2018

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    • Overview of novel magnetically geared machines with partitioned stators
    • Model reference adaptive control of STATCOM for grid integration of wind energy systems
      2D analytical model for heteropolar active magnetic bearings considering eccentricity
      Cogging torque minimisation in FSPM machines by right-angle-based tooth chamfering technique
      Reduction of torque ripple in a wound-rotor brushless doubly-fed machine by using the tooth notching
      Indirect measurement and extreme learning machine based modelling for flux linkage of doubly salient electromagnetic machine
      Analytical model for armature reaction of outer rotor brushless permanent magnet DC motor
      High-efficiency wireless power transfer system for 3D, unstationary free-positioning and multi-object charging
      Analytical modelling of the effect of pole offset on the output parameters of BLDC motor
      Evaluation of a magnetic gear for air-cooled condenser applications
      Global sizing optimisation using dual-level response surface method based on mixed-resolution central composite design for permanent magnet synchronous generators
      Modelling of interior-mount LSPMSM under asymmetrical stator winding
      Numerical simulation of melt convection in an AC electro-fused magnesia furnace for MgO production
      Deadbeat control based on a multipurpose disturbance observer for permanent magnet synchronous motors
      Inductance and force calculations of circular coils with parallel axes shielded by a cuboid of high permeability
      BA to construction of equivalent circuit of a transformer winding from frequency response analysis measurement

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