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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 12, Issue 2, February 2018

Volume 12, Issue 2

February 2018

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    • Proposal of self-excited wound-field magnetic-modulated dual-axis motor for hybrid electric vehicle applications
      Modelling and experimental demonstration of a litz coil-based high-temperature induction heating system for melting application
      Fault-tolerant predictive current control with two-vector modulation for six-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine drives
      Comprehensive comparison of different structures of passive permanent magnet bearings
      Multi-objective design optimisation for PMSLM by FITM
      Implementation of different 2D finite element modelling approaches in axial flux permanent magnet disc machines
      Analysis of parasitic effects in carrier signal injection methods for sensorless control of PM synchronous machines
      Precise dq model development of linear flux switching motors with segmented secondary for rail transportation applications
      New design method for multi-stack disc-type hysteresis motors based on analytical calculations
      Analysis, design and experimental verification of a coaxial magnetic gear using stationary permanent-magnet ring
      Determination of torque-speed characteristic for a two-speed elevator induction machine
      Comparative studies on two electromagnetic repulsion mechanisms for high-speed vacuum switch
      Common mode voltage reduction technique in a three-to-three phase indirect matrix converter
      Effect of voltage unbalance and distortion on the loss characteristics of three-phase cage induction motor
      Optimal design of a linear transverse-flux machine with mutually coupled windings for force ripple reduction
      PFC-based half-bridge dual-output converter-fed four-phase SRM drive

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