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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2018

Volume 12, Issue 1

January 2018

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    • Derivation and verification of a vector controller for induction machines with consideration of stator and rotor core losses
      Indirect fuzzy contour tracking for XY PMSM actuated motion system applications
      Torque ripple reduction of brushless DC motor with harmonic current injection based on integral terminal sliding mode control
      High-torque-density pseudo-direct-drive permanent-magnet machine with less magnet
      Investigation on synchronous reluctance machines with different rotor topologies and winding configurations
      Predictive torque control of open-end winding induction motor drive fed with multilevel inversion using two two-level inverters
      Force and torque model utilising transfer-matrix theory for a novel electrodynamic suspension reaction sphere
      Improved switching-table-based DTC strategy for the post-fault three-level NPC inverter-fed induction motor drives
      Position sensorless control for doubly salient electro-magnetic motor based on line-to-line voltage
      Coordinated and fault-tolerant control of tandem 15-phase induction motors in ship propulsion system
      Direct torque and flux control of interior permanent magnet synchronous machine in deep flux-weakening region
      Modelling of torque and speed characterisation of double stator slotted rotor brushless DC motor
      Experimental evaluation of model predictive current control for a modified three-level four-leg indirect matrix converter
      Interior permanent magnet motor-based isolated on-board integrated battery charger for electric vehicles
      Cogging torque suppression in flux-reversal permanent magnet machines
      An improved finite-state predictive torque control for switched reluctance motor drive

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