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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Distributed Optimisation and Learning for Networked Systems - click here to download more information

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Distributed accelerated optimisation algorithms
  • Distributed Augmented Lagrangian methods
  • Distributed primal-dual optimisation algorithms
  • Distributed online optimisation
  • Distributed stochastic optimisation algorithms
  • Distributed algorithms for machine learning
  • Distributed reinforcement learning
  • Distributed adaptive control and optimisation
  • Distributed control and optimisation under limited communication resources
  • Distributed control and optimisation with complex system dynamics
  • Distributed graphical games with performance guarantees
  • Distributed control and optimisation with applications to power systems, transportation systems, and robotics

Previously published Special Issues


Recent Developments in Logical Networks and its Applications

Vol. 11, Issue 13

Resource-efficient Control in Cyber-Physical Systems

Vol. 11, Issue 11

Recent Developments on Sliding Mode Control and Its Applications for Complex Systems

Vol. 11, Issue 8


Data-driven Control, and Data-Based System Modelling, Monitoring, and Control

Vol. 10, Issue 12


Data-Based Control and Process Monitoring with Industrial Applications

Vol. 9, Issue 7

Sliding Mode Based Disturbance Estimation, Attenuation and Fault Detection

Vol. 9, Issue 4

Co-operative Multi-agent Systems with Engineering Applications

Vol. 9, Issue 3


Recent Developments in Networked Control and Estimation

Vol. 8, Issue 18

Fault Detection, Isolation, and Tolerant Control of Vehicles Using Soft Computing Methods

Vol. 8, Issue 9


Special Section: Implementation of feedback controllers

Vol. 6, Issue 8

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